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Sharon Shuppert, Dipl.OM, L.Ac -  - Acupuncturist

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Sharon Shuppert, Dipl.OM, L.Ac

Acupuncturist & Herbalist located in Austin, TX

The Phoenix & Dragon Austin acupuncturist provides a selection of massage therapy services for local patients. Sharon Shuppert, Dipl. OM, L.Ac. has advanced training in Tui Na, Reflexology, and Shiatsu.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What is Tui Na?

Pronounced “twee naw”, Tui Na is therapeutic massage treatment originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The meaning of the words actually means “pinch and pull” and that’s what you can expect from this procedure. Like many other TCM practices, Tui Na is directed at manipulating the Qi to bring harmony to the body’s yin and yang. Commonly used to relieve musculoskeletal injuries, Tui Na uses finger pressure points for stimulation as opposed to inserting needles like in acupuncture.

What is Reflexology?

Another type of touch-based therapy, reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the hands, feet, or ears. It is the belief of reflexology practitioners that specific points correspond to particular organs and body systems. Therefore, applying pressure to these sites can affect the given organs/systems.

Reflexology is frequently used as a complementary treatment to various Western medical procedures. It has been shown to help with anxiety, asthma, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, headaches, pregnancy discomfort and PMS among other conditions.

It is important to note that reflexology is unique from both acupuncture/acupressure and massage. It differs from acupuncture/acupressure in the number and location of the reflex points. Reflexology primarily focuses on points on the hands, feet, and outer ears, whereas the other therapies may include hundreds of pressure points around the body. Similarly, reflexology uses touch like massage. However, pressure is only applied using micromovement techniques to the given points on the hands, feet, and ears

What is Shiatsu?

Originating from Japan, Shiatsu is a type of bodywork procedure that consists of kneading, stretching, tapping, pressing, and soothing techniques.

Shiatsu benefits both physical and mental well-being. It has effectively treated a number of emotional, internal, and musculoskeletal problems. In addition, Shiatsu has been beneficial for those with PMS, insomnia, anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, and various types of pain such as low back and neck pain.

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