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Sharon Shuppert, Dipl.OM, L.Ac

Acupuncturist & Herbalist located in Austin, TX

Sharon Shuppert, Dipl. OM, L.Ac. practices traditional herbal medicine at her naturopathic clinic in Austin, TX. If you are searching for alternative or complementary treatments for your medical condition or symptoms, schedule an appointment at The Phoenix & Dragon.

Women's Health Q & A

What is herbal medicine?

In herbal medicine, plants and their parts are used to deliver a therapeutic scent, as in aromatherapy, or for medicinal purposes. Some Chinese herbs are similar to dietary supplements and are used to improve or maintain overall health and well-being. The mainstay of Chinese herbs, though, is their healing medicinal qualities that are used to treat disease, injury, and illness. The herbs at The Phoenix & Dragon pharmacy are the highest grade, medicinal herbs available. They may come in the form of powders, tablets, capsules, tea pills, or whole dried herbs.

As long as people have lived it seems that plants have been used to fulfill therapeutic purposes.

As science and technology advanced, herbal medicine began to decline in favor of pharmaceutical drugs and medications. More recently, however, herbal medicine is growing in popularity again, with more than 80% of all people using these powerful medicinals to improve their health.

What types of conditions are treated with herbal medicine?

Commonly used herbs such as  chamomile, echinacea, evening primrose, feverfew, garlic, ginger, St. John’s wort and valerian are found in health food stores.  The pharmacy at The Phoenix & Dragon carries many of these as well as herbs primarily sourced from China and Taiwan.  Chinese herbal medicine is most often blended to achieve optimal efficacy.  A custom formula will have chief herbs to address the main complaint, deputy herbs to help treat the main concern and any secondary symptoms, assistant herbs to support or balance the chief herbs, and guide herbs which direct the medicinal properties of the herbs to the intended area of the body.  By combining herbs, a synergy is achieved and the formula is stronger and more effective than a single herb. These custom formulas treat a wide range of conditions, such as cold, flu, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, eczema, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, liver and kidney disease, neurological disorders and a large variety of other conditions.  

Is herbal medicine considered safe?

Sharon uses herbal medicine from companies here in the United States who use rigorous testing of all their products. Because of their natural origins, herbal medicine products are generally regarded as safe. The individual herbs are homeostatic with a perfect chemical balance created by nature, and, because of their holistic nature, they are easily assimilated by the body.  

Remember, Chinese herbal medicine predates pharmaceuticals by over 5,000 years.  Herbs were used to treat all diseases and health conditions.  Today, we know that pharmaceuticals may be a better choice in certain situations, but Chinese herbal medicine is highly effective in most situations.  Chinese herbal medicine has low incidents of side effects and, in some cases, such as the treatment of viruses, they are more effective than pharmaceuticals. It’s important to work with a qualified herbalist like Sharon, who can prescribe the formula tailored to your needs, monitor your progress and make changes as needed.

Some herbal medicines products may negatively interact with prescription drugs that you may be taking. For that reason, you should always be candid about any medicines you are taking so that Sharon can provide the safest herbal medicine products for your situation.


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