Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique


B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands-on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. Understanding that the body makes no mistakes regarding health and longevity, B.E.S.T. principles acknowledge the concept of “interference” which we create with our conscious mind. This interference causes an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system leading to exhaustion of our organ systems over time. Researched at major universities, taught in several Chiropractic Colleges and in professional continuing education seminars, B.E.S.T. is recognized as an effective healing science.

Physical B.E.S.T. is based on scientific principles using light pressure contacts on the surface of the body to address parasympathetic and sympathetic imbalances. Physical B.E.S.T. offers a gentle way to update patterns of stress and discomfort which have been surfacing in both acute pain and chronic conditions. With the physical B.E.S.T. procedure, the patient lies face down, while the body’s autonomic response is tested using leg checks, and palpating muscles. Subsequently, Sharon will hold pressure points along the spine, sacrum, and skull to synchronize the autonomic nervous system and release muscle tension. When muscles are balanced and the updated pattern restored, spinal muscle spasm and nerve pressure are removed. Patients often experience immediate relief from symptoms and completely enjoy the painless approach to health and wellness. The body can heal itself if just given the opportunity. The pattern unlocks the power and B.E.S.T. is about identifying the pattern and unlocking the power within each of us.

Emotional B.E.S.T. utilizes advanced technology developed to update higher brain interference from expression in the physical body. When emotional thoughts such as worry, guilt, fear, judgment, to name just a few, become the overriding factor in our memory patterns, interference with the body’s innate healing mechanisms becomes the norm. This interference, formulated by conscious thought which in turn becomes a pattern, prevents the true expression of our physical bodies healing capability. Emotional B.E.S.T. is an advanced procedure to help identify this emotional pattern, update the interference, and then allow the body to function based on current situations rather than past experiences. This is the core of B.E.S.T. technology. This is the pattern for health and wellness. The pattern unlocks the power.


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