Thriving In These Times

Light Shining Through

Last March brought on a barrage of bad news.  Our favorite shops and restaurants closed, concerts were cancelled, and getting on a plane became a frightening undertaking.  We were in a full blown pandemic and there weren't enough PPE, not enough hospital beds and people were getting sick and dying.  I don't know about you, but I went into survival mode.  I made masks, scrubbed every surface with disinfectant, washed my hands raw and even washed all my groceries.  I sent care packages of Chinese herbal medicine to all my family members and encouraged all my friends and clients to take the herbs to protect their health.

A year on, we are still in a pandemic, but we are finding our rythm.  Masks are readily available and washing hands has become a more frequent routine.  Covid testing is a matter of driving through a local site and getting swabbed.  With masking and social distancing, many businesses have been able to reopen. Each household has found their comfort level, with some going out to dine al fresco at a safe distance, some meeting outdoors with friends, wearing masks and settling for elbow bumps over hugs.  As for our household, we expanded our family to include our niece who needed a place to live after losing a job and a home.  We spent holidays and birthdays at a 6' distance, with masks.  We even managed a Thanksgiving feast after getting tested and then playing it safe by setting up lawn chairs widely spaced, outside.

Now the vaccines are rolling out, and loved ones are getting their shots.  I, myself, have had one shot and plan on getting the follow-up shot soon.  For some of my loved ones, the vaccines are not an option, or not a choice.  I respect that and continue to wear a mask to protect those around me. 

As for the vaccine and potential side-effects, I've found that Chinese herbal medicine has, once again, proven to be immensly helpful.  I used them to eliminate muscle soreness and aching joints after my first shot.  I have prescribed them for family, friends and clients to eliminate aches, pain, low grade fever and generalized fatigue after they received their shots.  The effects have been amazingly rapid and complete.  

Getting the vaccine, in addition to having the security of the Chinese herbal medicine to knock out any lingering effects and provide protection from even mild infections...well, it has given me the feeling of a new lease on life.  I am excited to get back to regular yoga classes and group meditations.  I look forward to going to restaurants, concerts and traveling again. Knowing that many of my friends and family are getting vaccinated, too, just makes it all that much better.  Soon we will be able to gather, share a meal, raise a glass...and hug! 

Whether you decide to get a vaccine, or not, I encourage all of you to avoid infection.  Take good care of yourself and those you love by wearing a mask, washing your hands, safe distancing, and taking your Chinese herbal medicine.  Let's find a way to thrive together! 


Sharon Shuppert, L.Ac. Owner of The Phoenix & Dragon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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