Coronavirus...What can we do?

Longevity is a way of life

The age old adage goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  That's never been more true than now.  Let's go over some ways you can get your ounce.

Here are some tips from the WHO and CDC:


As a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine, I suggest boosting your immunity.  To date, more than 98% of those infected have survived.  Why?  Because they were generally healthy.  In Chinese medicine we refer to the our defense mechanism as Wei Qi.  Build your Wei Qi using these suggestions:

First, follow the 6 Essentials (see my blog, “Rockin’ the 6 Essentials!”). To re-cap:


Next, take adaptogens that help build and support your Wei Qi. Choose 1-3 and monitor your response. You can always visit your practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine for help.


Also, take anti-inflammatory supplements. I recommend using Do Terra essential oils.  Take 2 drops of each of the following in either a veggie capsule or drop them in a small glass of water.


If you experience the onset of cold or flu-like symptoms, a practitioner or Chinese herbal medicine can help.  If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, dyspnea, fever) call your doctor to see if you need testing and where to get it. Then call to set up a phone or online consultation with your practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine integrated with allopathic treatmens, is being used, successfully, to fight the COVID-19 in the hospitals in China.  After getting a differential diagnosis based on Chinese medical theory, the appropriate herbs can be sent to you.

Note, if you are in repiratory distress and cannot breathe, call 911. While allopathic medicine does not have a treatment for COVID-19, they can manage symptoms to give your body a chance to build it’s own immune response.  I recommend that you do not take antibiotics as they will not address the virus and will weaken your immune system.  Antibiotics are only necessary if you have a secondary bacterial infection.  As soon as you’re able, call your practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  We can help!

Sharon Shuppert, L.Ac. Owner of The Phoenix & Dragon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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