Chinese Herbal Medicine and COVID-19 Part II

Over 3,000 years of wisdom in every formula. (Image by vivi14216 from Pixabay)

When it comes to our health, being proactive is everything.  We have control over our day to day choices.  When it comes to Covid-19, we can protect ourselves by taking precautions and support our innate immunity with the 6 Essential: drink filtered water, eat whole nutritious food, exercise regularly, get 7-9 hours or restorative sleep, take time to slow and deepen breathing and keeping a positive outlook, having appreciation for all the good in life.  


During this time of increased risk of exposure to Covid-19, we can also go a step further and incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into our daily routine.  Chinese medicinal formulas far outshine the use of a single herb by using combinations of herbs that compliment and support one another.  A TCM formula consists of chief herbs, assistant herbs, guides and sometime antagonists to balance the formula.  As the names imply, each herb in a formula has a role to play, and, together they create a synergistic powerhouse. This ancient art of combining herbs creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


I have taken what I have learned from Chinese hospitals at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, and put together a multi-layered strategy using existing formulas in our fight against Covid-19.  Below are formulas that address the Prevention Phase for those at home and those who have to work outside their homes, interacting with the public.


For those who are staying in self-isolation, I recommend taking the following formula at a dose of 8 pills, 3 times daily:


Yu Ping Feng Wan to support the Wei (Protective) Qi and Strengthen the Spleen.  



If you or someone in your household is going outside the home for any reason, I suggest, along with Yu Ping Feng Wan, the addition an antiviral formula to kill viruses before they can take hold and multiply.  I recommend this formula be taken 4 tablets, twice a day as a preventative.


Gan Mao Ling Jie Du Pien is a modern formula.  Several of the herbs in this formula come to us from Taiwan and are most excellent in the treatment of viruses and other microbes.

Its worth noting that San Cha Ku has an immune enhancing quality that makes this formula a very good choice for cold and flu prevention.



I suggest having on hand a supportive formula should symptoms arise such as low grade fever, possible mild chills, swollen glands, scratchy or sore throat, headache, congestion, headache, slight dry cough, or a cough with a small amount of phlegm.  At the onset of symptoms, Gan Mao Ling dosage should be doubled to 8 and taken 3 times on day one, then reduced to 4, 3 x daily.  In addition, take the following formula at a dosage of 4 tablets, 4 times daily.


Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan enhances the effect of dispelling wind-heat to the surface and killing viruses: 

Taking the appropriate herbs at the right time can make all the difference in one’s prognosis.  With this strategy, viruses are typically stopped in their tracks in the first 24 hours. If the virus settles into the chest, it is necessary to change to herbal formulas more appropriate for cough and lung congestion.


To re-cap, for those who are in the Prevention Phase, our goal is to:


The Phoenix & Dragon has these, and many other formulas, in stock.  If you have questions, I am happy to consult with you and to determine the most appropriate herbs for you. Appointments for herbal consultation by phone are available on line.


In my next installment, I will discuss herbs for the Pneumonia Phase.  Stay tuned for more information on dealing with the coronavirus, Covid-19.


Sharon Shuppert, L.Ac. Owner of The Phoenix & Dragon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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