Building Your Pyramid

It's a new year and I hear it from all sources..."I want to lose weight.", "I want more energy.", "I want a fresh start.".  These are all worthy goals, but are they the top of the “pyramid"?  Ask yourself, "Why do I want to (lose weight/more energy/a fresh start)?  Dig a little here.  I daresay that the end point is has more to do with the feeling you desire, than the path to that feeling.  In my own journey it looks something like this:


1. I want to lose 10 pounds....why?

2. So I can fit in my clothes...why?

3. So I can feel comfortable with myself...why?

4. Because I want to feel happy, confident and at ease.


Alas, there it is, and that is the peak of my pyramid.  So I work from there.  Now, I can see that I not only have a motivation for losing that 10 pound, but I can also embrace other ways to feel happy, confident and at ease.  I work from the end goal, to feel happy, confident and at ease, and think about the areas in my life where I can increase those feelings.  


Instead of delayed gratification, I buy myself a great looking outfit that fits now. I get a stylish hair cut and maybe some new make-up.  I look in the mirror and I smile.  My confidence and happiness just ratcheted up a notch.  Now, with this energy, I attract more of the same.  People can sense my positive energy and reflect that back to me.  I feel more empowered to take an action step such as going to the gym, or choosing a raw salad for lunch.  These small steps move me up the pyramid toward my goal. Feeling>Action.


Now, what other pathway can I take to move me toward my goal of happiness, confidence and ease?  How about focusing on relationships. Here is another side of my pyramid.  I call some friends and arrange a game night.  I express my love and caring for them, and, in return, I feel my vibration increase.  Now I am feeling more happiness, more confidence and I am at ease with my friends.  Boom!  I'm in my zone and I engender more of this good vibe.  Next week, my friends call me and I feel the love.  (Maybe I can get one of them to go to the gym with me!) Feeling>Action.


Where is another area where I already spend a lot of my time and energy?  Work.  Of course! How can I apply myself on this side of my pyramid to reach my goal?  For me, that might look like explaining to a client how acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help them with their main complaint.  This builds my confidence and leads me to I write an article about an area of expertise. Feeling>Action.  As a result of the article, I get more clients and have more opportunities to help and to share my knowledge.  My business grows, and I am successful. The process increases my feelings of happiness, confidence and ease.


Looking at the areas of my life where I'd like to see change, movement, progress are the sides, of my pyramid.  Every little accomplishment in these areas are stepping stones to my ultimate goal, to the peak of the pyramid.  Once I clarify the peak of the pyramid, and I've identified the sides, I can better prioritize my daily choices.  Am I making choices that take me up? Or hold me back?  Going to an evening yoga class moves me a step up.  Sitting on the sofa with a Scooby snack?…not really taking me toward my goal.  Is it okay to take a night off?  You bet! I just remind myself to make it a conscious choice and not a default choice.  Sometimes, taking a little "idle time" can help me gear back up for greater action.  


So, ask yourself the "Why's" and dig a little deeper.  Write it down.  Create your pyramid. As you go along, feel free to add intermediate goals, subtract those things that no longer resonate, do whatever increases your vibration.  Take small, doable steps that result in achieving the feeling.  That feeling will be a catalyst to greater action.  Go on, you've got this!


Sharon Shuppert, L.Ac. Owner of The Phoenix & Dragon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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